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Alexandra Underwood is an illustrator, muralist, and CMFG (Color, Materials, Finishes, Graphics) designer, born & raised in Maui, Hawai'i. Alexandra earned her BFA in Illustration with high distinction from the California College of the Arts in 2017. Her murals can be found in both Hawai'i and California, which reflect her deep connection to nature and community.

Notably, Alexandra served as the regional co-director of Sea Walls Emeryville, a groundbreaking public art initiative that brought together artists to create 17 stunning murals in just six days in September 2022. Her dedication to public art and community engagement has left a lasting impact on both the local art scene and the neighborhoods where her murals adorn the walls.

Currently, Alexandra lends her artistic talents to PopSockets as a CMFG Designer, where she is instrumental in creating and developing original designs and licensing collections. Her unique vision and passion for creating art that resonates with people continue to drive her forward in her artistic journey.


PHONE             (808) 268-7842


INSTAGRAM    @underwoodalexandra
LINKEDIN.       @alexandra-underwood

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